Theresa A Jensen, CDFA™, JD


Theresa A Jensen, CDFA, JD


a selection of testimonials

Thank you again, Theresa, for the work, patience and love that you’ve dolled out to us. There have ALWAYS been positive effects for (our child) from each session.

A Mediation client, a Dad


I so appreciate the time, patience and wisdom you shared with us on Thursday. In 8 1/2 years of divorce, this is the first time we’ve gone to mediation and reached an agreement. This is huge, and a great deal of the credit goes to you and your skillful mediation. Thank you…

A Mediation client, a Mom


Thank you so much for your work today, and for involving our teen-aged daughter. I think the process was much better for her than going to court and she seems really excited to be moving on and making plans. I have been in a lot of situations with students and parents and have studied many different mediation models. What was achieved today was really only made possible by your listening and skills facilitating. Thank you….

A Mediation client, a Mom


Thank you Theresa for your patience and the extra time you offered (my soon-to-be-ex) and me. If you can believe it, that meeting may have allowed us to vent enough to begin communicating with a purpose again. We have had several phone conversations and are using less volatile forms of communication. Thank you for your tremendous effort to help us solve a problem that we alone created. Best wishes.

A mediation client, husband


This is just a quick note to thank you for your help yesterday.  My past experience with mediation was not so great.  This experience was much better because of your professionalism, knowledge and passion.
A mediation client, husband


Theresa is helping us have heart-felt and productive conversations when it never seemed possible.  Even when we weren’t able to be in the same room together, she helped us make progress by meeting with each of us separately and shuttling back and forth…I am marveling that she is helping us navigate difficult financial conflicts and arrive at agreed upon resolution.
A mediation client, wife


Thank you, Theresa, for all your help as a mediator.  This was so emotional for me, I thought I was going to keep it all tightly locked in, but in our first private session, you sensitively saw it and helped me express it, understanding the interests behind it.  You kept us going, through the most difficult financial issues and I’m happy to say we can both relax now with it all behind us.
A mediation client, husband


Even though my lawyer kept telling me that I could do better in court,  I continued to choose mediation because I wanted an amicable resolution that would not have negative impacts on our daughter.  In the end, we both had to give—it’s hard to believe that we actually agreed!  Thanks so much for all your help….
A mediation client, Mom